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Making our "New Normal" a Beautiful Life


Who ever thought that putting on a mask to grocery shop or pumping out hand sanitizer before playing yard games with friends would become normal?

Several years ago I made my first trip to China and Hong Kong and was surprised to see that people wearing masks and walking under a temperature reader was considered "normal". I had never seen either of these things. But here we are 7 years later and not much surprises me anymore when it comes to 'keeping other people healthy'. I think for the first few months this year we were stunned, living to survive and we mechanically did what we needed to do. Now, as we emerge from sheltering, we are all wondering how we will live the same again. It doesn't seem possible to just go back to the way things were before we ever heard of the Coronavirus. With all the safety considerations and restrictions, how can we live in a way that feels good or satisfying, full of goodness and beautiful moments? I think it's going to take time, but I think it's possible. Many of us have found joy in our gardens. People are getting projects done around the house. We are hiking and biking. We are face timing, enjoying church online and on family zoom calls. But, how will we have gatherings without having to weigh the potential consequences of such events?

I don't have any of those answers, nor does anyone really.

One thing I know is that we have a little more time on our hands. We are running around a little less. And that part is not a bad thing is it? With my time, I'd like to throw in some summer reading. How about you? Are you like me? Do you have a few books you've been meaning to read stacked up for a while?

So, to celebrate "summer reading", please enjoy this beautiful bookmark I created for you. Reading is a beautiful thing. Let's start there, with this one thing we can do. Let's read, let's hike, let's go for walks, let's support local businesses, let's talk with our neighbors over the fence, let's continue to do acts of kindness, let's not look at everything that we can't do or shouldn't do but let's look to the things we can. Let's start there. Because I am hopeful. I am hopeful that life can and will be beautiful again, the beauty just might look a little different.



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