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We can stamp any word you want on a tag. See option below.


TAG Pillows are a great way to celebrate your own state and make a wonderful addition to your home, or gift to a college student, family in another state, weddings, birthdays, holidays, or just because. These pillows are approximately a pound - a well stuffed pillow for a couch, chair, bed, window seat, etc... They are roughly in the 14" range (each state would be a little different). They have the fabric of your choice on the front and a creamy white canvas back. The TAG is made from linen and meant to be rustic with strings that make the edges look wispy.


This pillow is made from Harding Tonal ®Pendleton Wool fabric with an "adventure" TAG on the front.


Your pillow will be made in the same fabric but may be cut out of a different part of the fabric as the one pictured.

Harding Tonal Wool Oregon TAG Pillow

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