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I've Learned Something

I've learned something from 2019 to now....don't plan everything out before jumping into a new product launch. Just start!

In December 2019, I got the idea to create a "pocket bag" that could be a fanny pack or adjusted to also wear as a crossbody bag. Instead of just jumping into it in January of 2020 I waited, thinking I had to perfectly plan it out. Then, when the pandemic hit, I just tabled the idea to make masks like many other makers. In September of 2020, mask sales slowed down and I finally created a few pocket bags including this one..

I call this my humble beginnings. We ALL have that. No one starts out like a pro so here you go. A basic bag made right after my business name change and rebranding, with fabric I had on hand. It took me almost a year to just jump in and create a few bags. It was right around the time of my 52nd birthday. Did you know "Stella" (our Morkie) and I share a birthday? It's true. September 27.

Well, I created a few bags and then just sat on the project until the next January, when I made the bags bigger and started using a lot more Pendleton wool. In my mind, I think I just thought people weren't ready to hear about "fanny pack" bags, even if they were more modern looking than ones from the 90's. I wasn't sure the trend had reached the states enough to really get sales. I wish I would have realized that people need to be "shown" over and over "why". They aren't going to instantly buy your product. They need to be shown why they should purchase by seeing lots of photos & videos. For my bags that meant pictures of the bags by themselves, different ways to wear them, different places to wear them, etc... Don't wait for the trend to hit the people! Be the person that sets the trend. Do you want to see my first pictures wearing the bag? You're going to get a laugh, I promise you.

I know....but then my kids helped me out and I think I have improved since their photo session in late March of 202. I mean, who wouldn't be inspired by pictures like this? I think that Spring was the very beginnings of my pocket bag movement.

It was pictures like these that showed our pocket bags really can go where you go. They are the perfect size for what you need, can be worn several different ways, are perfect for people who have back and shoulder issues, are cute and well, I think now many of you think so too. You have really shown me this year how much you love them and want to purchase them for gifts as well. I can't tell you what that means to a small business owner like myself.

(Click the link to see how far our bags have come!)

So my advice for all of you out there who have a good idea is.....don't wait until you have everything planned out. It doesn't have to be perfect to start with. You can fix all of those things along the way. Share your journey with your audience. Show them product improvements. Show them improvements in your photography and the way you can market your product. But don't wait. Waiting only means you'll be that much more behind. Waiting means that you might convince yourself you just can't do it at all. Waiting might mean an end to that vision ever coming to pass. Jump in. I hope what I have learned will help you to just jump in.


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